50 Shades of Persuasion: BarackSPEAK and ClintonCHARISMA

Barek and Clinton

Janelle has been endlessly fascinated by rhetorical communication techniques used by Presidents Obama and Clinton — with a little Bush and Reagan thrown in to even up the political scale.

Without discussing political content, Janelle has identified 5 techniques that Obama uses that any speaker can use for greater impact. She also has looked at Clinton’s charismatic style of speaking and pinpointed 5 communication engagement devices that speakers can use.

Professional speakers who have heard Janelle speak on this topic have commented that this content was worth the entire cost of the conference they attended.

This material is fresh and applicable. Janelle demonstrates this by rewriting a brief speech delivered by one of America’s top CEOs showing how application can turn dull content into soaring oratory.

Depending on the length of the speech, Janelle speaks from the following rhetorical devices.

  • Transformative big picture
  • Building Bridges
  • Inclusive references
  • Anaphora
  • Stories: Evocative & Personal


  • Ad Libs — speaking from vs. reading from notes
  • Enactment
  • Blunt sentences
  • Body embrace
  • Cadence