Take Back Control of Your Life:

Regaining a well-orchestrated life in a technologized world

Janelle has taught the famous Time Manager™ course for over 25 years to audiences both large and small. She has now turned the most critical ideas from that course, updated them, and made them relevant to a world that is inundated with e-mail, total electronic information, and still left with the same 24 hours each day.

Take Back Control

Topics she chooses from to suit your audience include:

  • Taking the best practices of time management and adapting them to the modern world
  • Writing things down — it’s a great habit and works on paper or on your tablet
  • When your world is crazy busy what does it mean to be operationally focused on the right things?
  • Available time — it’s a quantifiable resource, as long as you calculate it that way
  • Email — a killer or a savior; we all choose how email impacts us
  • You’re not a nerd if you schedule; you’re probably getting things done
  • Setting limits — How to say no without being offensive
  • Your personal life — it still matters
  • Elephants still need to be eaten — how to chunk down your big tasks and get things done
  • Go electronic — the tools are there if you don’t allow them to overwhelm you
  • Overview — it’s a critical control concept, and everyone can do it
  • Brain Gain — this electronic world isn’t limiting you, it’s expanding you if you do it right