Unbind Your Mind — The Power to be Creative

The biggest challenge any career individual faces today is the result of increased competition. We are expected to accomplish more with less. After we have improved our  skills in time management, supervisory training, high tech skills, customer service, and meeting management, we are left with tapping into one of the strongest reservoirs of talent — namely our own creative potential.


As a young child, Janelle recognized that she was talented — she just didn’t see herself as creative. So, she applied her determination to becoming more creative. And she did. In the process she began to understand how Chinese women of old first bound their feet as an act of creativity, and it has become the metaphor of her thinking about innovation.

This session, as a one-hour keynote, or a three-hour breakout session, is highly interactive, with many group exercises that leave audiences amazed with their latent creativity. Topics can include the following:

  • Unbind Your Mind twoThe Bound Feet Syndrome — how tap into your own inherent creativity
  • Who are the creative types — and how can you be more like them
  • Creativity requires belief and practice in your own creativity
  • How we stop others from being creative and how to alert to these team limitations
  • Setting your direction for  creativity
  • Holographic Thinking — Is it possible to find your answer everywhere in the universe?