A Complaint Is a Gift, Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool


Complaints can be seen as a nasty, difficult-to-handle aspect of business, or they can be viewed as the “gift” they are.

Coauthor of the bestselling business book, A Complaint Is a Gift, Dr. Janelle Barlow — in a fast paced, entertaining, and profound presentation — gets her audiences to rethink their entire position about and approach to complaints.

While Janelle will customize her presentation for you, general topics include:

  • The nature of complaints
  • Why most customers don’t complain
  • Why complaint handlers are really sales people
  • Eight-step Gift Formula
  • Shifting your paradigm about complaints
  • Using complaints as one of your best marketing opportunities
  • Turning complaining customers into partners

Complaint-GiftPerfect as a keynote, break-out session, or workshop. Janelle will customize her remarks depending upon the level of the audience.  For senior level audiences, she focuses on service recovery as a strategic tool. For customer facing staff, she focuses on how to handle complaints.



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