Our story — a history of innovation & success

TMI, ever since its foundation in 1975 in Denmark, has gained respect and recognition in the international business arena.

2003 TMI was named a ʻB2B Superbrandʼ as one of the strongest brands in its home, Denmark.

1990 the UKʼs Department of Trade and Industry recognized Claus Møller, founder of TMI, as one of the nine ʻQuality Gurusʼ in the world – and the only European on the list.

1988 TMI was rated ʻEuropeʼs leading company in training and educationʼ by the European Services Industries Forum (ESIF) in a report to the EC Commission. TMI has an impressive track record of breaking new ground. Over the years, we have pioneered a number of concepts that have gained wide international recognition as major contributions to organizational knowledge and business practice.


History-one Mapping Your Service Recovery —
offering an integrated framework and consulting process to establish systems and practices that help you learn youʼre your customers and recover their loyalty when things go wrong.
History-two Shaping a Customer Centric Culture —
a new and powerfulapproach to shaping organizational culture in service organizations.
History-three Emotionally Intelligent Leadership—
a unique program for executives with the aim to assist them in developing and realizing their own leadership potential.
History-four Branded Customer Service —
BCS provides a pathway to genuinely transform the customer experience to reinforce the brand at every customer interaction.
History-five Heart Work —
concept that made TMI a major player in the corporate application of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).
History-six A Complaint Is a Gift —
established an innovative approach in shaping complaint-friendly organizational cultures, and offered practical solutions for effective complaint handling. The book was published in over 25 languages and quickly became a business bestseller.
History-seven Employeeship —
a managementphilosophy and consulting tool on how to shape a healthy and vibrant organizational culture that is characterized by mutual responsibility, loyalty, initiative and trust.
History-eight The Human Side of Quality —
TMI received international recognition as one of the best contributions to quality development in the world.
history-nine Putting People First—
an exceptional service management approach about achieving excellent service quality.
History-ten Time Manager—
a unique philosophy which was the first of its kind worldwide. It established a whole new body of knowledge on how to enhance personal effectiveness and organizational efficiency.