Personal Guarantee™ — Program

Guarantee your work by putting your name on it!

Personal Guarantee is an intensive program to help you create greater quality awareness in your organization. Personal Guarantee is an effective method to anticipate and prevent mistakes and win othersʼ trust. It means that the person who performs a task guarantees itʼs quality, has checked their own work – and is not only proud to put their name TO it, but also ON it. Implementing Personal Guarantee can increase the quality of every detail in every activity performed in your organization.

Program overview

All employees are links in your quality chain. Now you can strengthen all the links. The quality image of your organization is influenced by many factors. The most important factor of all is your staff. Sometimes mistakes are not caught, but passed on and only ascertained when the customer reacts – either by complaining or choosing another supplier. Personal Guarantee is a technique to make employees more attentive and accurate with their work. This program will cover areas such as, quality control, including steps for ensuring quality, personal check and dealing with mistakes.

Key benefits for your organization

  1. A change in staff attitude about mistakes
  2. A reduction in time wasting, costly errors
  3. Employees will be proud of their work
  4. Reduced number of customer complaints
  5. Increased customer retention

Key benefits for participants

As a result of attending this program participants will be able to:

  1. Develop a more conscious quality mind-set
  2. Feel more conscious of, and personally responsible for quality
  3. Make fewer mistakes
  4. Avoid having to do things again
  5. Prevent having to be checked by others
  6. Accomplish more
  7. Take greater personal responsibility
  8. Put their hearts and minds into the task
  9. Put their name to the tasks they accomplish
  10. Win other peopleʼs trust and respect
  11. Strengthen their own self-esteem, and pride in the team and the organization they are a part of
  12. Create a more trusting and caring work morale

Target audience

All employees interested in improving the overall effectiveness of the organization by making sure everyone performs at a high quality level.