Effective Communication — Program

Make yourself heard

Would you like to frequently say “no” but it is difficult for you to do so? Do you find it hard to deal with a conflict situation? Are you either too submissive or too aggressive in communicating with the others? Would you like to state your points of view without hurting the other or making unacceptable compromises? This learning program features methods and techniques that will improve your communication skills and understanding for the benefit of yourself and your organization.

Program overview

Everyone wanting to achieve his/her career goals needs to develop communication skills. Assertive communication is the foundation for effective communication. This program is a practical approach to building assertiveness for effective communication and development of better relationships by teaching participants how to:

  1. Understand how people think, recognize clues, and respond
  2. Understand assertiveness
  3. Recognize the impact of Interpersonal Styles
  4. Understand and use body language effectively
  5. Reduce risk of misunderstanding
  6. Use questioning and active listening skills
  7. Put assertive communication into action
  8. Think and feel assertive
  9. Handle or prevent conflict
  10. Achieve win-win relationships and create harmonious and constructive working environment through effective communication

Key benefits for your organization

  1. Employees will be more confident
  2. Communications at all levels will be improved
  3. There will be less conflict
  4. More positive and productive interactions on teams and in meetings
  5. Individual, team and corporate goals will be easier to achieve

Key benefits for participants

As a result of attending this program participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize and manage emotional patterns in yourself and others
  2. Choose from different strategies for open and honest communication
  3. Used tried and tested techniques for getting messages across
  4. Adapt communication style to suit the situation and audience
  5. Demonstrate communication techniques that create a win-win
  6. Handle confrontation or disagreements fairly and confidently
  7. Turn anger or negative feelings into positive, productive outcomes

Target audience

All employees