Time Manager™ — Strategic Planning for Results Program

Key principles for effective people

In todayʼs complex and fast-paced world most of us have more to do than the time available in the world to do it. It can become very hard to clearly see what actions must come first to achieve the results you want. TMIʼs original Time Manager™ program shows you how to focus on the key issues that will help you reach your goals and objectives, both at work and in your private life. Time Manager™ will help you and your team to look at life from a different perspective. Itʼs clear, practical and thought provoking messages will propel you to take action and put  things right.

OutlookProgram Overview

  1. An introduction to effective time management principles and habits
  2. Taming the chaos resulting from task and information overload
  3. Building a Decision Base that complements the overall strategic goals of the business and your job
  4. Creating a clear overview of your tasks linked to Key Result Areas
  5. Building the bridge between ʻWhatʼ and ʻWhenʼ – linking Tasks to your Daily Plan
  6. Becoming results focused rather than activities driven
  7. Eating Elephants – handling the big projects
  8. Dealing with interruptions & distractions
  9. Stopping e-mail eating up your day
  10. Sorting and managing information to find what you need when you need it
  11. Making meetings more productive
  12. Developing an action plan for back on the job

Key benefits for your organization

  1. Dramatically improved productivity of your knowledge workers at individual and team levels
  2. Better focus of individual and team efforts on achieving the overall business strategy
  3. Much improved communications resulting in greater team effectiveness
  4. Employees will know how to maintain peak performance which helps them achieve personal and corporate goals

Key benefits for participants

As a result of attending this program participants will be able to:

  1. Have a much improved capacity to determine and realize individual goals
  2. Clarify your goals, establish your priorities-and make sure those drive your days
  3. Realize better integration of long-term objectives with short-term demands
  4. Manage your time more effectively
  5. More effectively contribute to achieving team and organizational goals
  6. Reduce stress
  7. Have greater efficiency to process e-mail and information thrown at you
  8. Create and maintain a clear overview
  9. Get a sense of confidence that all tasks are under control
  10. Have greater results and personal accomplishments in those fields that matter to you most

Target audience

Those who struggle with their time management, and feel they have much more on their plate than they can possibly handle. That is, practically all of us!