Leadership 1-2-3 — Program

Leadership in a multinational business

Leadership 1-2-3 is about successful management practices in a global, multinational environment. It provides you inspiration, ideas, tools and practical methods to mobilize everyoneʼs energy for the success of the company. It helps you to establish fundamental management principles on how to guide and manage employees effectively and efficiently. It also helps you to develop leadership competencies necessary to cope with the challenges connected to a globally operating enterprise.

LeadershipProgram overview
Leadership 1

  1. Corporate vision and values
  2. Leadership role
  3. Overall responsibility and leadership
  4. Managing change
  5. Leadership in turnaround situations
  6. Innovative approaches to change

Leadership 2

  1. The role of the manager
  2. Leadership styles
  3. The manager as mentor
  4. The manager as coach
  5. The manager as team leader

Leadership 3

  1. Leadership personality
  2. Trust management
  3. Self-coaching
  4. Performance management
  5. Team benchmark

Key benefits for your organization

  1. Clarification of expectations
  2. Stronger leadership
  3. Improved control through directing from afar
  4. Improved employee performance
  5. Better clarity for employees
  6. Improved understanding & sharing of the corporate vision & goals

Key benefits for participants

As a result of attending this program participants will be able to:

  1. Clarify the expected role of managers.
  2. Know the basic principles of leadership and plan for their application in    practice.
  3. Know and apply important tools and skills for everyday management roles.
  4. Get to know the expectations and requirements of the 3 most important roles of    managers.
  5. Be able to match the appropriate leadership style to the situation.
  6. Deploy the roles of trainer, coach and team leader in a conscious and    competent manner in practice.
  7. Recognize, evaluate and develop your own leadership profile.
  8. Use tools and techniques for directing your own performance.
  9. Be able to use practical tools for directing individual people and teams.

Target audience

Managers and leaders working in a multinational business environment.

Do you struggle with  multi-national differences while attempting to gain clarity around an integrated management style? We can help, especially with our broad global reach. Call us to talk!