Coaching for Results — Program

Essentials for developing talent

An effective coach of less-experienced colleagues needs not only a mental map of what should be done and what must be done. Effective coaches also need a special approach to help them to avoid traps like taking over responsibility of problem solving or of generating ideas. This program helps you master a solid coaching process, and develop your skills to communicate and act effectively as a coach. It offers skills for the coach to help those being coached open up in this relationship to mutual potential.

CoachingProgram overview

  1. The subtle relations of thoughts, feelings, behavior and performance
  2. Range of coaching approaches: directive to non-directive
  3. Effective coaching principles
  4. Effective coaching process: the GROW model
  5. Questioning techniques
  6. Mindful listening
  7. Self-awareness as a coach: discovering your biases and hidden agendas
  8. Providing feedback and advise
  9. Energy and motivation
  10. Putting your coaching skills into practice

Key benefits for your organization

  1. Improved communication at all levels
  2. Leaders/Managers who can effectively coach their direct reports
  3. A more motivated and inspired workforce
  4. Improved retention
  5. More openness and fairness
  6. Leaders/Managers who can positively influence others

Key benefits for participants

As a result of attending this program participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the basics of feeling okay in any human relationship
  2. Communicate needs and feelings: the pillars of cooperative communication
  3. Know ego states: how to make yourself aware of your influence on relationships
  4. Learn the win-win strategy: building best-results partnerships
  5. Know how to increase cooperation and decrease resistance
  6. Discover any hidden agendas in your emotional programming
  7. Learn how to remain fair during hard times and when conflicts arise

Target audience

Managers and leaders with the ambition to help talent grow and succeed.

What about your team? Could they benefit from having strong coaches in place?