Managing/Leading Change — Program

Because change happens

TMIʼs program on change management offers you an introduction to the organizational psychology and dynamics of the change process, and offers you strategies and practical approaches to successfully lead and manage change.

Program overviewChange is a process with obstacles to overcome. In order to manage this process we cover the following:


  1. How to implement change in your organization
  2. Change around us
  3. Self-assessment
  4. Individual strategies
  5. How your people react to change
  6. How you, as a leader and manager, can handle these reactions
  7.  Change in an organization
  8. Characteristics of individual approaches to change
  9. Four phases of change reactions
  10. Organizational change – how to move your people through a change process

Key benefits for your organization

  1. Leaders/Managers who can effectively manage change
  2. Change management strategies
  3. A workforce better prepared to handle change
  4. Coping/stress management strategies
  5. Motivated & inspired employees
  6. Change implementation strategies
  7. Leaders/Managers with a better understanding of their team

Key benefits for participants

As a result of attending this program participants will be able to:

  1. Diagnose and build action plan to speed change reactions process within themselves
  2. Know how to apply various strategies to move employees through change reactions process
  3. Understand process of implementing change in an organization
  4. Self-assess
  5. How to move employees through the change process
  6. Understand the psychological portrait of an individual in a change process
  7. Know the four phases of change reactions

Target audience

Leaders, managers and change agents in organizations.

Change is happening all around us at exponential speeds. Let’s get better at dealing with it, using it for our benefit!