Be a Double Bagger — Program

Bring out the best of yourself and others – at work and everywhere

At TMI we use the term ʻdouble baggerʼ for someone who makes a special effort to achieve good performance and good relationships. Psychologists use the term “winners” about these people. Whether you feel like a winner or a loser is determined by your self-respect, which is greatly influenced by the recognition and appreciation for your work as perceived by you.

Program overview

At this program you will learn how to become better at giving and receiving recognition, enhancing your self-respect and encouraging others to do the same. This starts a domino effect that will give you and those around you a richer life.

BaggerWe will be covering:

  1. Rationality and emotions – where are the greatest problems and which ones are the easiest to solve?
  2. Single or double bagger attitude – your personal ʻjob descriptionʼ.
  3. Do you choose to be a winner or a loser?
  4. Sources of self-respect.
  5. OK behaviors and NOT-OK behaviors.
  6. How to bring out the best in yourself and in others.
  7. Your toolbox – your personal development program

Key benefits for your organization

  1. The ability to attract and keep good people
  2. Develop a winner attitude and a we-culture
  3. Employees will be more adaptive and innovative

Key benefits for participants

As a result of attending this program participants will be able to:

  1. Discover your strength to do what you want to do.
  2. Unleash new sources of energy to handle a heavy workload.
  3. Make an impact by letting your winning attitude have itʼs positive effects on those around you.
  4. Make your life richer and enriching the lives of others that matter to you

Target audience

Frontline customer-facing staff working in the service industry as well as Letʼs get started!