Customer Service Excellence — Consulting Program

Build a world-class customer service mindset from the inside out

Most organizations say they have ʻa customer service focusʼ, they may even say they ʻput the customer firstʼ, but often the actual service experience doesnʼt go beyond commonplace customer service practices, that donʼt create the memorable experiences your customers and potential customers are looking for.

Based on 30 years of cutting edge experience in service industries all over the globe, we offer you highly effective practices that systematically embed a culture of customer service excellence, and help create customer loyalty.

Creating a strong customer service culture involves multiple interventions across all touch points of your business. At TMI we are leaders in customer experience development and customer service training programs. We partner with ambitious businesses to help them understand how a true service culture can be built into their organization – and make it happen!

Our customer service culture initiatives can include:

  1. Defining your service brand DNA – getting at the heart and essence of the service experiences you want to create
  2. Mapping the customer journey across all service touch points, and using customer ethnography to evaluate the customer experience and identify leverage points
  3. Conducting service staff ethnography to understand customer service behaviors and whatʼs influencing them
  4. Co-creating the ideal customer experience across all touch points, involving customers, customer service experts, and staff
  5. Developing and shaping the attitudes, skills, and behaviors of customer-facing staff to deliver
  6. Embedding service measures, so that results are visible, best behaviors are identified and encouraged

We have worked with organizations worldwide helping them to design and deliver world-class customer service experiences. We can help you take your customer service to the next level, too.