Branded Customer Service Pathway —

Build brand equity through on-brand service experiences, so that brand reinforcement occurs at every customer interaction

Weʼve worked in partnership with dozens of large and small businesses across the Globe helping our clients to:

  1. Define their service brand DNA
  2. Establish Measurements – so best behaviors can be identified and encouraged within the organization
  3. Communicate more effectively – by setting up internal Brand Champions and defining a writing style that reflects the qualities of the brand
  4. Manage – and align Human Resource interventions with the brand promise by recruiting, empowering, managing performance and recovering service in and onbrand way
  5. Engage staff and customers – to deliver the brand promise on a regular basis, and ʻwowʼ customers with the intense promise your brand represents

Your opportunity is to unleash the potential of your brand, by maximizing the value of one of the most important brand reinforcement touch-points there is – customer service. At TMI we have helped major international brands create and implement unique branded customer experiences.

What can we do to help you create yours? Connect with us to find out.