Branded Customer Service —

Build brand equity through on-brand service experiences, so that brand reinforcement occurs at every customer interaction

We understand that your brand is unique. We can help you get the most out of your marketing efforts by ensuring that your service delivery style actually reinforces the emotional subtleties of your brand – consistently.

Customer-facing staff need to be intimately acquainted with the service brand they represent. It is only in this way that they can deliver customer experiences that are truly ʻon-brandʼ – compelling to customers and authentic to your brand. When this is lacking, interactions between customers and staff can frequently and easily weaken the brand.

Brand-BookBranding your customer service is an approach that must be as unique, as your brand. Itʼs not a matter of taking a program off the shelf, as each organizational culture and business context is unique. Creating an ʻon-brandʼ organization involves thoughtful and multiple interventions – across all touch points of the service culture.

Branded Customer Service is your guide to moving service delivery to a new level so that brand reinforcement occurs every time customers interact with representatives of your organization. It shows how to infuse an entire organization with brand values, and create a recognizable style of service that reflects brand promises and brand images.

  1. Build your brand from the inside-out and transform your organization
  2. Engage staff, build customer trust, and create a competitive edge
  3. Enhance your brand through every service touch-point
  4. Discover how to transform your organizational culture
  5. Align training and HR practices with business strategies
  6. Establish the foundations for a unique employer brand

Branded Customer Service is a methodology and a pathway that provides solutions, tools, and products that you can shape to fit your needs, and you can implement from within your organization. As a result, all key functions of your company-marketing, customers service, sales,  operations, human resources etc-become aligned to each other, your brand and your business strategy.

Creating an on-brand organization is an emergent process which involves multiple and concurrent interventions-and on-going refinement-across all touch-pints of your service culture.

Branded Customer Service is not a ʻone size fits allʼ approach. It embodies the uniqueness of your organization, and should be blended into your existing company interventions and operational strategies.