International air carrier, UK – Boosting customer experience and profitability

Under pressure to define their space in the travel market and improve profitability, TMI worked with this leading air carrier to ensure a fully engaged and inspired service team throughout the customer experience. Operational changes around punctuality had worked well, making our client one of the best performing airlines in the industry. Unfortunately noone told customers or employees about this. Staff had been left demoralized and upset by changes to the service they were offering. Similarly, loyal customers (highest category frequent flyer club members) were left feeling disappointed by the ʻnew experienceʼ. With brand as a key buying criteria identified in market research, customer loyalty needed to be put back into the heart of the organization, as well as repositioning themselves in their chosen market space.

What was delivered:

  • Four work streams were put in place: Service, Product, Internal Communications and External Communications
  • TMI assisted the service stream and internal communications team in communicating and embedding real changes. This involved engaging staff across all customer touchpoints, on the ground or in the air, in an inspirational and memorable way
  • In order to ensure alignment with the business goals and other work streams, a steering group was formed
  • Design teams were prepared to facilitate workshops and deliver various service interventions
  • TMI has just completed the first phase of the project, having run 49 events, touching in excess of 2,800 staff within five weeks – a positive response

What has been achieved:

  • 15% increase in sales
  • 2/3 decrease in staff turnover
  • In-flight service scores for loyalty club members increased by over 10%
  • Staff helpfulness on board scored higher than the entire competitive set