Leading global airline, Europe – Building a service culture throughout the Network

Our client is one of the largest airlines in Europe; the national airline and flag carrier of a leading member state of the European Union. In a process that rocked the service world, TMI has worked with this distinguished client across the complete network of 36,500 employees – starting in the early 1980ʼs and spanning 25 years of  collaboration.

What was delivered:

  • Customized two-day programs called ʻPutting People First™ʼ delivered to all employees, starting in the early 1980s
  • A new and innovative ʻIn-Flight Experience Manualʼ, and extensive training on First Class and Business Class service excellence designed and implemented in 2008

What has been achieved:

  • Our client voted airline of the year
  • Take-offs and landings up by 23%
  • Staff absenteeism reduced by 15%
  • Our client has been heralded as a major airline where consistently excellent service could be delivered in a highly challenged industry

TMI were the people who designed and developed the Putting People First™ Program which had such dramatic impact on [us] and enabled us to create the company we have today.” – former CEO of the company, 2007