Leading regional airline, Caribbean – Starting anew

Our client, a leading regional airline in the Caribbean Islands, officially started anew its business after closing down its previous operation. TMI USA was invited to help the company establish its new service brand. Their vision for the brand is ʻTo be our customersʼ first choice carrier on the routes that we flyʼ. They aspire to make customers feel like ʻbeing there before you get thereʼ, making sure they experience the warmth, color and magic of the most beautiful islands in the world, the instant they step on board one of their flights.

What was delivered:

  • Established the DNA of the clientʼs service brand
  • Unification around the clear vision, values and brand strategy based on the companyʼs cultural values; buy-in across all levels of the organization
  • Certification of managers in the Branded Customer Service process to apply the concept internally
  • Inspired and engaged staff at all levels throughout their network of operations

What has been achieved:

  • By keeping a firm focus on its service promise and its internal culture, our client launched its new operation with rave reviews from the markets it services today
  • They enjoyed the #1 ranking of online takeoffs around the world shortly after beginning their operations
  • Public reviews of their service remain high after two years of working under the new service brand position
  •  A word from the Manager of Corporate Affairs: “The numbers clearly indicate that we have in place the processes to make us a leader in customer service and reliability. We are delivering on our promise to bring the warmth of the islands to each of our customers by achieving on-time performance, value for money prices, and safe, reliable and welcoming service.”