Distinguished airline brand, UK – Corporate change challenge

Faced with a challenging market, TMI worked with this innovative airline brand to help ensure they were able to deliver great customer service, engage their people, their customers, and the attention of the industry. In common with the rest of the industry, the airline experienced challenging times. To maintain growth and profit levels, our client needed to continue to differentiate themselves through new product innovation and by building on their enviable reputation for customer service.

What was delivered:

  • Top team events were facilitated to create the change strategy. To support the communication of the change strategy, TMI ran a series of top team sessions,
  • management briefings, assessment centers, and trainer coaching sessions
  • ʻLeading Service Firstʼ workshops designed and delivered for managers, and ʻLiving Service Firstʼ workshops for all staff
  • To help sustain change momentum, individuals who exhibited ʻon brandʼ behaviors were selected from across the business to become facilitators and act as role models
  • TMI provided ongoing consulting relating to the change of structures and systems within the airline

What has been achieved:

Key indicators for the impact of the change process were measured in areas such as employee and customer satisfaction through both internal and independently conducted surveys. Examples of measured success:

  • Increased staff motivation
  • More than double the volume of compliment letters
  • Increase in revenue by up to 37%
  • Increase in attendance by up to 7%
  • Increase in productivity by over 15%

We had people saying “I think itʼs the best program I have ever been on in my life.”