Refreshing the Brand, Financial Services Call Centers  Connected to Major Car Brand, USA

TMI was asked to evaluate the brand position of the Financial Services wing of its major automobile brand operating in the United States.

We partnered with a brand agency and conducted focus groups of recent automobile purchasers from around the United States. We also conducted in depth interviews of Call Center staff and observed their work.

What was delivered:

  • Using the talents of a brand agency, the brand was validated using both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. We determined with the client whether it was necessary to replicate earlier research or whether additional items or target groups needed to be added to achieve brand “validation goals.
  • Current consumer trends wee reviewed based on existing research. In addition, items specifically dealing with this question was added in the focus groups.
  • Internal validation of the brand strategy was conducted at the dealership level to determine whether the current brand positioning is understood and being delivered to end consumers.
  • In Phase II, the information and data gathered in Phase I was integrated so that the current brand was validated or modified. Strategy implementation opportunities were identified based on Phase I “internal validation of the brand strategy at the dealership level.
  • Finally, a plan was prepared for presentation to the auto leadership team and a select group of leaders. The goal was to put the financial services group in a position of readiness to reach out to the end consumer.

What has been achieved:

  • Client implemented recommendations, both changing brand position and developing a service program for its call center staff.