Major car manufacturer, Germany – Implementing a CRM strategy across Europe

This client, a key player in the automotive industry, approached TMI to assist in implementing a pan-European project to support their new Total Customer Management Strategy, and the introduction of a corporate CRM system. Key challenges included, ensuring management buy-in for congruent actions from senior management and overcoming hesitancy to embrace and lead the change. The CRM initiative was also in danger of becoming lost in the plethora of ongoing project initiatives. Simultaneous restructuring of the dealer network posed additional challenges to a successful rollout.

What was delivered:

  • A 4-phase corporate change program was designed to engage all levels of the organization with the CRM strategy. TMI focused on helping to engage employees with ʻCRM thinkingʼ and helping them to understand how to integrate it into day-to-day work
  • A 3-day ʻCRM Best Practiceʼ event for dealership managers
  • ʻCRM Uncoveredʼ program for leaders and managers
  • ʻCRM Uncoveredʼ program for customer-facing employees

What has been achieved:

The initiative enabled our client to successfully embed CRM practices across Europe. Reported outcomes included:

  • Strengthened quality- and customer-orientated culture, and more personalized service, helped improve external image, differentiated from competitors, and contributed to customer loyalty
  • Improved employee loyalty and commitment to the company as a preferred employer
  • More effective collaboration internally between teams and across departmental boundaries
  • More sensible and manageable quantities and quality of data facilitating planning and decision-making