Trusted global automaker, Spain – Boosting performance with Lotus Notes

Our client is one of the worldʼs most trusted brands in the automotive industry. They design, manufacture, distribute and sell a wide range of automotive products, including luxury passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses. One of their largest manufacturing plants in the world is located in Spain. The HR department of this plant wanted to develop a training program for their engineers to increase their personal and team productivity based on Lotus Notes.

What was delivered:

  • We designed a program that combined best practices associated with process efficiency, time management, personal effectiveness and team collaboration, with the use of Lotus Notes as a management tool.
  • The program was delivered in an inspiring way that successfully helped to transform existing work habits into improved new practices.
  • Over the past 8 years more than 500 engineers have participated in this program

What has been achieved:

  • Reported results include the creation of a much improved work environment thanks to an increased focus on key goals and objectives, improved communication and cooperation, and reduced stress
  • Practical implementation of effective time management principles is sustained after the program