Major automotive supply business, United Kingdom – Enhancing flexibility, boosting performance

Our client is a privately owned automotive supply business operating globally in 18 countries. They design, develop and manufacture exterior components for major vehicle manufacturers. Competitive pressures within the industry demand fast design and development for an ever-increasing number of model variants. Our client needed to cut down on both the cost and time of the development process, and at the same time maintain competitive edge in quality and innovation.

TMI was engaged to provide change management and organizational development consultancy support to the change program. We focused on introducing a new organizational set-up, roles and behaviors for all working in design and development around the world.

What was delivered:

  • An implementation approach that enabled a smooth transition from ʻoldʼ to ʻnewʼ ways of working
  • Core facilitation and consultancy support to the change program team via workshops on how to introduce new behaviors and working practices to match specific customersʼ needs, moving away from a one-size-fits-all bureaucracy
  • Facilitated communication and engagement workshops for the engineering community to help understand the implications of the new structure and roles

What has been achieved:

  • Equipped managers and the core change team with the necessary tools and behaviors to support implementation
  • Broke down functional barriers, resulting in closer co-operation and multi-skilling in an environment where specialization had been the traditional career development route
  • Established a consistent approach across 18 countries for dealing with global customer projects
  • Our client has reported a shorter planning and clearer decision-making process, higher visibility of project follow-up, and increased productivity where new ways of working have been introduced