Major global automaker, Italy – Driving business performance

Our client is undoubtedly one of the leading brands in the automotive industry. With a change at the top, the new CEO wanted to break with old habits, proactively exploit market opportunities and move fast into the future. This involved hiring 700 new employees over two years (an increase of 30%). Introduced changes created a highly turbulent environment, with over one third of the original management replaced, as well. To successfully cope with fast-paced changes it was essential to focus on the development of relevant leadership and managerial approaches and practices.

What was delivered:

  • Following extensive investigation of the organizational climate involving a survey, indepth interviews with management, and staff focus groups, specific areas and issues were identified to be addressed for particular target groups
  • A leadership development program was designed and delivered for managers at all levels, focusing on the flexible use of distinct management/leadership styles according to situational variables
  • Programs on effective teamwork were delivered to help integrate new managers with old teams, as well as new teams under old managers

What has been achieved:

  • As a result of the initiative the climate markedly improved within the organization. The organization successfully overcame what was, in many ways, considered a major crisis situation at the time