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Creating Loyal Customers page 11A Question a Day— Keeps Your Staff Focused on Customers!

Do motivational posters hang on your office walls? How many of your staff know what these posters say? Do they even see them after they’ve been on the wall for a week or two?

Motivational posters can be impactful — for a few days. But if you want to challenge and stimulate your staff’s thinking about customers on a daily basis, your messages must be different unique — and constantly changing.

Complaint Is a Gift Posters, page 11Daily service questions, beautifully reproduced, colorful and exciting, rival wall motivational posters because they can be rotated every day to stimulate and excite your staff. And they ask questions that get your staff to think about how they are interacting with their customers.

Putting People First page 11

Daily Service Questions are so attractive, in fact, it is hard for staff to leave them alone. Their convenient size (8.5 x 11 inches) invites them to move all over the office —pinned to cubicle walls and posted to notice boards. Priced at $3.00 per card, they are a genuine bargain.

A Complaint Is a Gift — 15 posters   $45.00

Putting People First — 15 posters    $45.00

Creating Customer Loyalty — 60 posters   $180

Clear Container Stand for Posters — $15

Order complete set and get the container stand for free.


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