Mind Flexors I and II

Mind Flexors II pages 2 and 8These clever creativity exercises will challenge your brain every day for an entire year. They can be used by individuals, groups, and even in training sessions as ice breakers. No exercise is repeated (365 exercises in each book); they are divided into categories of characteristics that creative people possess.

Price: $24.95

Mind Flexors I, page 2 and 8Exercises take just a minute or two to complete.

There are no right answers — or wrong answers. Hundreds of people who have used the Mind Flexors report that their ability to think quickly and creatively improves dramatically and rapidly! $24.95 each per copy. Buy both Mind Flexors I and II for only $34.95. We offer discounts for orders over 10 copies.


Here’s a few examples:

Imagination:  There is a new color that is somewhere between blue and gray. Give this new color a name — anything but blue-gray.

Turning things around:  Look around the room you are in and identify at least three technologies or products that will probably be outdated within five years. Why? You can make up any answer you like. After all, this is about creativity, letting your mind roam free.

Withholding of Judgment:  Susanne Toth is a surgeon. EVERY TIME she operates, she gets roses from her patients. Construct several scenarios that would make this kind of gratitude possible— and then choose your most interesting story and tell it to someone.

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