The Stress Manager, A Practical Guide to Optimal Health and Performance

The Stress Manager page 2 and 7If you want one book that covers all aspects of stress, this is the one for you. It’s simply, easy to read and follow, and explains complex stress ideas in simple terms that are a snap to introduce into a busy life. The Stress Manager In continuous production since 1985; currently in its 9th edition, 2004.  $15.95 per copy. We offer discounts for orders over 10 copies.

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A training program based on The Stress Manager is available. This program has been available since 1975 and has impacted thousands of people around the world. The attached PDF file provides complete details.

Stress Manager contents page 7



The complete table of contents in PDF format of this remarkable and useful book. This book is based on Dr. Janelle Barlow’s approach to her own personal stress management. Dr. Barlow moved from heart disease as a child to a robust senior, healthy and still fully engaged in her work and life.

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