Major international car manufacturer, Germany – Leadership development across Europe

This TMI client is one of the leading car manufacturers on the planet, with over 300,000 employees worldwide and 22,000 in Germany. The company wanted to put a timely, contemporary and inspiring leadership development program in place to create a clear and consistent leadership approach throughout Europe. Managers needed to help lead a challenging business turnaround. The initiative involved Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Greece.

What was delivered:

  • Three leadership development programs, with additional ʻsatelliteʼ workshops and project initiatives in-between.
  • ʻLeadership 1ʼ focused on leadership roles, values and change management approaches in the context of the corporate vision and values, and changes in strategy.
  • ʻLeadership 2ʼ zoomed in on the role of manager as trainer, coach and team leader, leadership styles and their effective use.
  • ʻLeadership 3ʼ addressed performance management at individual and team levels

What has been achieved:

  • The ʻLeadership 1-2-3ʼ program (Look under Leadership Essentials to see a description of this approach) became the blueprint for leadership qualification for the entire mid-management across Europe. Over 3,000 managers were trained by TMI.
  • Managers developed a shared understanding of the organizational vision and values, and how to translate and apply these in their daily work.
  • Managers successfully applied new ways to create and maintain positive motivation and performance in the face of a very difficult market situation