World-renowned international bank, Bermuda – Commitment to service

Our client is a well-renowned international bank, based in Bermuda. Following a subtle rebranding exercise, top management decided to link the name shift to include a renewed focus on the customer experience. Their primary objectives were:

  • To clearly define service fundamentals in a comprehensive, yet practical way
  • Engage staff to take power to deliver the Bankʼs service promise
  • Set up the internal infrastructure & resources to drive and support the on-going delivery of its pledged customer experience globally
  • Establish ʻService Huddlesʼ enabling staff to discuss and improve service on an ongoing basis

What was delivered:

  • Top management workshops to establish commitment to a long-term positioning by the bank regarding service
  • 2-day service programs on the pledged customer experience, inspiring and training staff to deliver
  • Train-the-Trainer programs for Brand Champions to roll-out the initiative across the bank’s global network
  • Certification of 4 senior bank managers in the Branded Customer Service process
  • Co-operation with HR and the Service Navigation Team to set up the ʻService Huddlesʼ process

What has been achieved:

  • Our client is one of the most renowned international banks in the world. They consistently lead other banks in their category around the globe and are a revered institution in Bermuda