Global leader in corporate and retail banking, India – Improving complaints management

As part of one of the fastest growing and largest banking and financial services organizations in the world, our client continues to grow and develop its systems and service offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. Following initial investigations, complaint handling and service recovery practices were chosen as key improvement areas to focus on. To address development needs, TMI India tailored and implemented the ʻA Complaint Is a Giftʼ program.

What was delivered:

  • Workshops were held for all customer-facing staff (call center/branches) using group discussions, demonstrations and case studies. Activities and examples were used to build confidence and skill
  • Capturing and distributing narrative success stories to reinforce positive change and encourage the application of the ʻA Complaint Is a Giftʼ approach as a core part of the clientʼs customer service culture
  • A Complaint Is a Giftʼ screensavers and mouse pads served as visual reminders of key messages in day-to-day life

What has been achieved:

  • Higher morale and motivation of staff to provide excellent customer service
  • Streamlining of the complaint handling and service recovery process, giving staff a clearer framework to deal with complaints
  • Increased confidence in, and an enhanced culture of, effective complaint handling within the company