Major investment and insurance broker, Ireland – Professionalizing management practices

Our client is one of Irelandʼs foremost investment and insurance brokers. When TMI started working with them, they faced a challenging situation on all fronts: unfavorable market conditions, decreasing sales, and high staff turnover. Top management was looking to professionalize management practices within the organization, to help overcome the immediate issues and create a solid basis for sustained future growth. TMI consultants were engaged in in-depth discussions with managers and directors to get their perspectives, and mutually develop a deeper awareness and understanding of the situation.

What was delivered:

  • A framework and action plan for change that immediately achieved full acceptance, as it was created on the very basis of managementʼs views
  • A leadership conference with invited guest speakers to reinforce key messages of change
  • A wide range of strong and practical training programs, designed and delivered to specific audiences by internal trainers with actual first-hand experience on the subject matter. Subjects included: team-building, talent management, innovation and creativity, communication, and presentation skills.

What has been achieved:

  • Results were assessed using the clientʼs own internal 360 degree HR instruments with very positive indications of changes in actual work practices.