Renowned retail bank, Portugal – Closing the gap

Our client is one of the worldʼs largest financial groups. Following the acquisition of two former Portuguese banks they have become the third largest bank in Portugal, with 1,8 million clients and 663 branches nationwide. Because of the merger, there was a distinct blend of two organizational cultures. TMI Portugal was invited to help improve overall productivity and effectiveness of communications in the emerging new organization. To meet the distinctively different needs of various target groups, TMI Portugal designed and implemented solutions tailored to the back office and customer facing functions, as well as different managerial levels.

What was delivered:

  • An internal survey to identify specific issues and needs of various functions within the organization
  • Facilitated 2-Day Time Manager for Microsoft Outlook™ workshops to all staff tailored to focus on back office, front office, and managerial needs and requirements
  • Designed and delivered Managing Meetings training programs for back office support areas.

What has been achieved:

  • Substantially increased personal effectiveness, meeting productivity and improved communications reported by participants.