Life insurance giant, South Korea – Developing emotionally intelligent leadership

One of South Koreaʼs two life insurance giants with assets of US$ 46.2 billion and an annual premium income of US$1.97 billion, our client employs 4,200 employees and a sales force of close to 18.000. They undertook in-depth research using managerial style index and organization culture survey tools, which strongly identified the emotional competencies of their leadership team as a key focus for development.

What was delivered:

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership program featuring TMIʼs Personal EQ Meter for top executives, as part of pilot training prior to commencement of full program to senior managers
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership program for senior managers featuring peer coaching and self-learning techniques.

What has been achieved:

  • Internal evaluation confirmed outstanding satisfaction ratings by the clientʼs standards
  • Expanded action learning programs focusing on additional development areas for leaders.