Top-tier retail bank, Spain – implementing positive change

Our client has a network of over 500 branches in Spain and more than 500,000 clients. After 30 years in Spain, they have become the leader in foreign banking, employing over 3,500 staff in Spain and another 500 in Portugal. Following a strategic merger, they experienced several operational and organizational difficulties within the IT department, including resentment of the merger and negative reactions to the new IT approach. This meant that the process and operation optimization plan was at risk, as well as the already significant investment in technology.

What was delivered:

  • Consultancy to help engage key IT staff, utilizing their considerable knowledge and expertise in helping to shape the new processes and generating ideas to boost productivity improvement
  • Designed and implemented a 4-week synergy group process to test out new ideas to increase the effectiveness of processes and practices
  • Facilitated a series of workshops to inspire and implement new practices for improved communications, personal and group work efficiency
  • Assisted with communicating the changes and new practices to ensure effective implementation

What has been achieved:

  • Refocused IT team on core business and serving branch operation’s high-priority needs
  • Greatly improved work environment and overall attitude to the merger and the process optimization
  • Quicker and smoother implementation of changes
  • Substantially improved perceptions and quality evaluations of the IT department