World leader in telecom, Europe – Embedding operational excellence

Our client is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators, globally. Their systems handle 40 percent of all mobile calls in the world. As a truly knowledge-based company, they are making regular investments in cutting-edge competence development. They have been working with TMI for over 6 years on a number of key development initiatives.

What was delivered:

  • GROW – a major initiative to develop teamwork, collaboration and performance within the Network Services Solutions Team, and enhance customer service and business development practices
  • E2E: Excellence to Everyone – a development project to define and deliver operational excellence across all support functions from legal and finance to communications, based on TMIʼs ʻReaching for the Stars™ concept
  • A broad range of performance-enhancing skills programs primarily focusing on personal productivity and effective communications internally and with key customers

What has been achieved:

  • Substantially improved communication, co-operation and internal service across functional teams
  • Increased personal and team productivity, much improved meeting effectiveness, a sharp decrease in both frequency and length of meetings, decreased levels of perceived stress
  • Robust improvement in internal functional quality KPIʼs