Business conglomerate, India – Delivering delight

In an emerging and fiercely competitive market scenario, one of Indiaʼs largest business groups launched itʼs landline telephone services. Management was clear that superior customer service was key to create a competitive edge. Their brand tagline also promised “Delight” to the customer. TMI and company leadership felt that to achieve sustainable and consistent levels of delightful service, over and above enhancing the competence of customer facing staff, it was essential to sensitize the rest of the organization to customerorientation, as well.

What was delivered:

  • To ensure that customers received promised levels of service, TMI designed and delivered a 3-phased customer service program focusing on customer-oriented attitude, service behaviors, and organizational culture. A special program was provided to supervisors to help them manage and integrate the implementation of the program on a daily basis
  • For the rest of the organization a comprehensive initiative was undertaken called Customer in Focus. This involved training modules, as well as projects aimed at establishing high levels of internal service and co-operation, and internal processes to enable promised levels of service to clients
  • To create and maintain momentum internal recognition and reward programs were launched, along with communications initiatives to identify best practices, innovative new ideas and spread the best of these alongside success stories throughout the organization

What has been achieved:

  • Markedly increased customer focus internally
  • Tangibly improved levels of customer satisfaction, and internal customer call quality measures
  • Overall increased energy in the organization
  • Much improved communication and co-operation internally, as well as with suppliers