Telecom industry leader, Poland – Becoming a market-driven organization

TMIʼs client is a leader of the telecommunications industry in Poland. Following deregulation of the Polish telecommunications market, our client faced some major challenges in itʼs efforts to become a competitive, customer-focused, market-driven organization. The company experienced fierce competition in itʼs traditional landline telephony market and needed to completely shift strategic direction offering integrated solutions to customers. They also needed to undergo major restructuring, reducing staff numbers from over 100,000 to under 25,000. TMI was engaged in a complex process to help management and staff shift mind-sets, reinvent the organization and embed new working practices.

What was delivered:

  • Customer service skills development programs to over 4,000 frontline staff at the new call center serving over 10 million customers
  • A Management Academy providing blended learning solutions to develop managerial and leadership skills of 500 managers over a 5-year period
  • Development of over 20 key internal teams to enhance co-operation and effectiveness within and between teams

What has been achieved:

  • High-quality implementation of initiatives according to anecdotal evidence, as well as SLA measures
  • Successful up skilling of management and staff
  • Improved team effectiveness seen as critical to successful implementation of change initiatives
  • Significant and tangible contribution to a successful business turnaround