Performance – Habits for a highly effective workplace


In relatively stable times getting your business to perform to its full potential can be a challenge, but in todayʼs turbulent economic climate, performance effectiveness can be fragile and yet most needed.

In these circumstances speed often becomes more important than direction; everyone is working hard but not necessarily productively. People get stressed, fatigue sets in, team working evaporates, sick days increase and talented people start leaving.

No matter how brilliant the strategy, any organizationʼs success ultimately depends on the actual implementation.

Performance-habitPerformance improvement starts with a shared understanding of – and commitment to – purpose and objectives, having the right systems, forming the right relationships, and practicing the right habits day in and day out. Itʼs all about creating an effective workplace, where the total becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Where people want to work, grow and commit to doing their best. Companies that are effective in managing performance demonstrate this in the bottom-line results.

Weʼve helped over three million people in organizations around the world to achieve more with less.

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