Distinguished mobile communications brand, Spain – Creating a new service experience under one brand

TMIʼs client is a leading global mobile communications brand, with over 70 million customers in 17 countries worldwide. Following a series of major global acquisitions, our client decided to integrate all newly acquired companies under one brand. An outstanding, simple, attractive and versatile brand, offering strong differentiation and a lot of potential.

At the beginning of our engagement our client in Spain had 10,000 people working under a range of different brands, with an aim to launch the new integrated brand in just a few months. They wanted to get all people engaged in the process, developing attitudes and behaviors in alignment with the new brand values and communications style of the company. They also wanted to up skill 8,000 customer-facing staff in their dealing with customers.

What was delivered:

  • Design of a 4-hour workshop to communicate changes, their purpose and importance, the new brand personality, brand values and their implications in day-today practice
  • 150 brand ambassadors were selected and trained to deliver the message to 10,000 staff over the course of two months
  • Design of a 1-day program to train all customer-facing staff on the new branded service experience. TMI consultants delivered this program to a pilot group and followed up with a 2-day Train-the-Trainer program for all brand ambassadors

What has been achieved:

  • The launch of the new brand has been a great success – which was a very impressive result given the tight timescales of the project
  • Gaps between aspirational brand values and actual reality were closely monitored and action plans implemented to close identified shortcomings
  • Internal processes and procedures were overhauled to support brand values in actual customer experience
  • The whole initiative has been considered profoundly successful, playing a pivotal role in integrating service cultures and establishing the new brand