Telecommunications leader, USA – Call Centers across the United States

This client is one of the largest providers of telephone services, DSL internet access and wireless service in the United States, with over 150 million customers. In a major initiative to boost customer satisfaction with call center service across the United States, they engaged TMI to help improve practices around dealing with customer complaints.

What was delivered:

  • A customized complaint handling intervention specifically designed for a leader in telecommunications
  • Internal trainers were taught and then certified to deliver TMIʼs A Complaint Is a Gift program to 3,500 employees across the United States; feedback for all program was at record high evaluation levels
  • The A Complaint Is a Gift concept and process has been integrated into our clientʼs internal call center communication approach.

What has been achieved:

  • Customer satisfaction ratio increased to 95%
  • Customer retention rate went from 16% to 33% in call centers where customers called to drop service
  • Centers experienced lower employee turnover
  • Average number of calls per hour increased; average handling time decreased
  • All statistics goals were consistently met.

“I highly recommend this process to any organization dedicated to improving their overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.” Quote from owner of the Telecom project