Telecom: Service excellence — success factor

In a highly competitive market, where products are replaceable commodities, itʼs the customer experience that truly matters. The telecommunications industry has gone through a time of rough changes during the last decades. For instance, the loss of monopoly positions in many countries, as well as the saturation of telecommunication markets have influenced the intensity of competition fundamentally.

Nowadays, telecommunication service providers have to differentiate themselves strategically from competitors by involving customers in an emotional way. This is critical for being successful as customer expectations become more sophisticated.

In fact, the recipe for success sounds quite simple: itʼs the customer experience that matters as far as repeat business and enhanced reputation are concerned. No advertising or marketing campaign can be as convincing as the real emotional experience of a customer or the word of a good friend. Todayʼs telecommunications customers do not only want to benefit from high quality products and low prices. They also want to experience excellent service.

In order to wow customers, it is advisable to pay very close attention to their needs, and to effectively build these into service processes. Customer feedback regarding products and services is worth its weight in gold. The ability to deliver single-contact solutions in a call center, or at the point of sale strengthens the customersʼ loyalty without doubt. Fully engaged customers spend 20 USD more on every 100 USD transaction than average customers. In fact, all processes should focus on service excellence to ensure exceeding customersʼ needs.

From the customersʼ point of view, experienced service quality has the biggest impact on the overall satisfaction (55%), followed by price (31%), and the actual product (14%). That is why, according to a Gallup study, the loyalty of customers is influenced three to five times more by staff than by advertisements.

Opportunities in the telecommunications industry — Creating a unique differentiation

Most telecommunication service providers have a service strategy, internal guidelines as well as a code of conduct. The problem is usually the translation of strategic elements into daily business — often with less than ideal results. Unsatisfied customers go to a competitor and turnover is given away for free. Service excellence is the key for success — but how can a service excellence culture be developed and implemented in a  ustainable way? How can you walk the talk?

Companies truly focused on service excellence can be characterized by the following:

  • A long-term commitment to, and culture of, service excellence
  • The integration of customersʼ needs and viewpoints into product and culture development processes
  • A genuine focus on the customer – everywhere and every time
  • The systematic identification and deployment of opportunities to surprise customers in a positive way
  • Management formally and actively supporting the service excellence spirit
  • Continuous on-going development of staff regarding service excellence
  • Systematically established exchange of best practices

Always keep in mind: it is only your people who can bring effective processes and pledged brand promises to life. Any service organization’s success will rely on itʼs staff, and managers who inspire and empower them to deliver smashing service. Such a strategy always stems from an organizationʼs character, and specific situation. Therefore, it will not be reproducible by competitors – it will be simply invaluable.