The Manager as Coach — transforming performance

Coach different types of people to achieve winning levels of performance. Effective coaching can be fully learned only through practice. This interactive session demonstrates how to:

Recognize when coaching should be used — Distinguish between coaching, mentoring, and counseling, and score your own level of expertise.

Lead an actual coaching session — Gain commitment from the coached person and establish clear contracts.

Resource-Manager-CoachCreate a positive coaching environment — Preparation for coaching sessions is key!

Understand the impact of your coaching style — Be aware of your personal style and how to develop it.

Apply your skills to a wide range of needs — Take away frequently used techniques to implement and build upon instantly.

Respond to ethical issues — Explore possible ethical issues and prepare yourself to handle them.

Handle feedback on performance — Use communication techniques to improve overall results.

Become a great coach —Take away your own personal action plan to commit to your teamʼs continual development.