Change Management — building strategy into your change process

Embed a culture that embraces and thrives on change. All organizations must continually deal with change. This session provides a unique opportunity to assess your current position and then to forecast strategies for change.

Assess the change profile of your organization — Discover your organizationʼs response to change.

Resource-change-managementApply tools and techniques to benchmark, research, and forecast — Identify which changes are necessary, which changes would be nice — and then determine whether and how to introduce.

Select, monitor, and control your change projects — Ensure that your objectives are being continually met through a strategic planning process.

Analyze risk — Put contingency plans in place and simulate possible outcomes to minimize risk.

Develop a culture that is receptive to change — Help your staff, vendors, and board to embrace change. Become a learning organization by introducing initiatives and approaches to embed a change culture.