Managing Conflict — dealing with anger before it explodes

One of the most common reasons for lack of trust in organizations is anger displayed by managers. There is a very limited role for anger in business. If you regularly get angry, your team wonʼt know how to behave around you, and this destroys trust. Learn how to:

Use rational thought to control anger — The more capable you are of remaining calm, the better the chance you have to reason your way through a situation. We will also look at the emotional and rational sides of anger and how we progress through stages.

Control your anger — Anger control starts by taking responsibility for it.

How questions can take you out of anger mode — Asking questions help reduce anger and maintain a sense of calm.


Take a time out — Building in time can mediate the most damaging effects of anger.

Control anger on your teams — Most people stop listening when someone is angry with them. Keep your team focused and functional by keeping it anger free.

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