Communication Styles — thereʼs no right or wrong when it comes to styles

The ability to read other peopleʼs communication styles is a huge plus in business. Once you understand another personʼs basic style, you can better interact, influence, and avoid judgments. This session teaches you:

Whatʼs my style? — Using a simple self-assessment, determine your dominant or preferred style.

Resource-communication-styleEase of communication — Usually the communication style most closely aligned to your own style will be the one you are naturally most easily able to communicate with, but this doesnʼt mean you still canʼt improve with communicating with that style. You will learn skills that will make determining the communication style of others easy and how to effectively communicate with any style.

As a manager — How to set goals that will inspire and motivate all four styles.

Communicating to all four styles — Most teams have a mix of communication styles present. Itʼs your job to be flexible and work with all four styles.