Managing Meetings — making your meetings work

Make the most use of your meeting time. Effective management of meetings is an often overlooked yet critical skill if you want to make the most of limited meeting time. After all, you probably spend a lot of time meeting with people. This session covers:

  • Plan and communicate an effective agenda — Make the best use of everyoneʼs time and reduce the real cost of meetings, on the telephone or in person.
  • Run effective decision-centered meetings — Identify decisions to be made in advance so your meetings are focused.
  • Maximize creativity and group synergy — Get the most from all attendees, make them feel at ease and eager to contribute.
  • Maintain strong relationships and win cooperation — How to address difficult issues in a meeting.
  • Follow up to your meetings — Ensure your meeting objectives are achieved and that everyone completes what they have agreed to do. How to write the best type of minutes for summarizing action steps.
  • Avoiding common meeting mishaps — Best practices for group communication.