Collaborative Culture — building your organization based on its strengths

Every organization faces challenges and endures weaknesses. Managers need no help in finding weaknesses in their operations; itʼs the performancefocused manager who focuses on strengths. In this session, you will learn:

What makes your organization work — Every organization is successful because of its strengths. Finding and then building on these strengths is better than focusing on what doesnʼt work. Get better at what you do best.

How to conduct “strengths” interviews — Fact find using interviews to build on and uncover the themes of strengths present in your organization.

Resource-coll-cultureHow to create change and collaboration — Organizational change works best when it is collaborative. Everyone is impacted by change. Therefore, everyone should be involved in making decisions about how the organization should change.

The art of inquiry — Using questions help you to focus on solutions that can be integrated into your organization. Collaborative cultures work best with a managerial style that is “Ask, don’t tell.”