Management development program — offered in three to four hour chunks, spread over the course of a year.

  • A complete managerial program that doesnʼt require staff being absent two to three days at a time
  • Reasonable investment — especially when compared to day-long programs
  • Concentrated learning; program structure means no time is wasted getting to know new participants in each session
  • Ideal for organizations with qualified employees in key positions needing a way to get required critical staff skills to function effectively and provide a high level of ROI

Unique delivery method, assures very little time away from work with superior skills application

  • Once or twice each month, two critical skills are delivered in a morning session lasting 3 to 4 hours — participants return to work after lunch
  • PerformanceTRACK is delivered over 12 months until all 24 essential skills are covered, accompanied by an implementation and learning retention strategy
  •  ROI can be achieved with a solid process that implements and reinforces skills
  • Skills stand alone, so new participants can join at any time to complete a one-year cycle

Retained and applied learning

Research indicates that learning presented in small pieces is better understood and retained over a longer period of time. PerformanceTRACK delivers sessions over one year with time in between to convert knowledge to a practical skill.

Skimming the cream of vital topics

Applicable ideas from 24 subject areas have been culled and presented in three to five “how to” session topics. We call it skimming the cream from a whole bottle of milk. If participants have time and desire to pursue topics deeper, we provide most of these courses as one to two-day sessions.

Participants apply learned skills ensuring solid ROI

  1. After each session, participants are asked to demonstrate to you or your designee how their new skills can be applied to your business
  2. Whether you accept, modify, or postpone their proposal, the participant will have had the opportunity to practice designing real world applications for their new skills and engage in the success of your business
  3. This application exercise ensures knowledge is retained and not forgotten as frequently happens with traditional delivery models
  4. All our facilitators are specifically trained in creating a learning environment that enhances long-term practical retention.
  5. Each session begins with a short self-assessment that is repeated by participants before the next session to measure change and learning

Tested high rates of retention and integration

  1. 24 sessions turn knowledge into practical skills
  2. Increase retention by learning in small chunks
  3. Reinforce over a year’s time
  4. Network with other business leaders
  5. Cover a wide range of vital business topics
  6. Work with experienced facilitators
  7. Daily refresher reminders and questions
  8. Reinforcements delivered directly to you
  9. Work in a fun, flexible environment
  10. Great value at small fees per session
  11. Getting the cream from 24 cutting-edge topics
  12. Action plan that is integrated into the business
  13. University business certificate available

University business certificate

PerformanceTRACK has formed a relationship with the University of East London in the UK to receive UEL certificates. This certification is provided at an additional fee. For complete information please call us at TMI (702 939 1800, and we’ll be glad to discuss how your managers and staff can earn this valuable certificate   (Put hot link to University Credits)

Available courses

Please click on the hot links below to see the 24 courses.

NOTE Train the Trainer available:  These courses are also available in a Train-the-Trainer package. If you have experienced and talented trainers on staff, you may be interested in our supportive Train-the-Trainer package. Call for details: 702 939 1800