TMI US provides powerful business solutions. We wake up in the morning committed to helping you and your teams become even better at what you do. We focus on engaging and inspiring your people around THE common purposes of all organizations —getting and then keeping your customers. Our carefully crafted TMI way has been developed over 30 years of working with some of the biggest and most successful organizations in the world. We’ve also been influenced by our 45 TMI partners around the globe. Our reach and diversity is as broad as the world is wide!

Transform . Manage . Inspire

TMI makes sure that individual staff performance is aligned with your brand

We believe that your ambition to attract and keep customers at a very high level can be achieved. We work with organizations of all sizes to develop innovative, customized solutions that inspire and enable high performance. We ask penetrating questions to get to where you want to go, we measure, we facilitate and educate, and we work your internal teams to provide a unique pathway to your success. Our expertise is in four key areas: Service, Branded Culture, Leadership, and Performance.


Your organization may have already done some or a lot of engagement work. We can help assess where you are right now, and then jump in where our expertise can help. Some of our clients want to go immediately to specific training programs that relate to TMI's four areas of expertise: branded culture, service, leadership, and performance.